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Most homeowners remodel one area of their home, and we make sure the finish blends well with the rest of the home. However, when budget allows, amazing results can be achieved when you remodel your whole home or an entire floor.

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A Remodeled Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

We occasionally hear homeowners say, “I can’t remodel my kitchen/bath/etc., because the rest of my home would just look worse.” Not a problem with a whole home/whole floor remodel! When you’re able to remodel an entire floor of your home at once, you’re not limited by existing finishes or styles.

Your Whole Home Remodeling Company

Whole home/whole floor remodels range from replacing all finishes (cabinets, flooring, trim, etc.) to complete “gut jobs” where the entire space is reconfigured. Regardless of the scope of your remodel, a comprehensive plan is key to a successful transformation. A substantial remodel is a significant undertaking, and you should work with a company that has the experience and ability to create a comprehensive design, manage all the pieces of the project and build your new space as planned, within budget and within the projected timeline.

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How Much Does a Whole Home Remodel Cost? 

The cost of a whole home/whole floor remodel depends heavily on the size and scope of the project. When you’re ready to transform a considerable part of your home, contact the experts at Red House Remodeling for a free consultation. We’ll help you love where you lie!

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