February 27, 2017

Basking in the glow of a newly remodeled space is tremendously rewarding. Getting there can be, well, tremendously messy. If you’re the sort of person that obsesses over a throw pillow out of place or pet hair on the hardwood, be prepared to chill a bit because remodeling unleashes a whole lot of mess, and while the end product is well worth it, you’ve got to live through it first. Here’s what we, at Red House Remodeling, do to make sure the construction portion of your remodel creates as little mess as possible.


  • Stash your stuff – Prior to the start of construction, you’ll need to remove all personal items from the space that’s being remodeled. We also suggest protecting or storing valuable items in adjacent spaces. While unlikely, vibrations from construction could cause décor to fall.
  • Floor protection – If we’ll be crossing any flooring that won’t be replaced, like carpet leading to a master bath, we’ll put down protection.
  • Temporary barriers – When the space being remodeled is fairly open, a kitchen to a family room or example, we use zip walls (heavy plastic sheeting held in place by poles with a zippered opening) to keep the construction zone contained. These barriers are also useful in keeping children and pets out of the work zone.
  • Stuff the ducts – HVAC ducts create a great way for construction dust to make its way throughout your home. Prior to construction, we block vents so that dust isn’t able to move freely from the construction zone to connected areas, and in some cases temporarily shut down HVAC systems during particularly dusty processes.


  • Air filtration system – What’s the best way to prevent dust from floating throughout your house? Contain it at the source. The less dust in the air, the less dust that can travel. We use a HEPA air-scrubber system, which eliminates 90% of airborne dust, providing a healthy, clean environment. The system is great at containing dust making the above pre-construction efforts even more effective.
  • No coverup – It’s like a weird treasure hunt, but we often find old fast food drink cups, work gloves, lots of construction debris and other garbage from a home’s construction that have been in the walls or floor or behind cabinetry. Before covering up surfaces and stud cavities, we retrieve any materials that could have fallen into the floor cavity and thoroughly vacuum.
  • Daily clean up – You don’t like to live in a mess and our employees don’t like working in one either. At the end of each day, we’ll clear out all disposable material and sweep the area so it’s free of debris and ready for the next days’ work.
Floor protection, furniture protection and our HEPA air scrubber

Post Construction

  • Construction debris – Um, what about the old toilet sitting in the driveway? All of our contracts include the disposal of all materials in a proper and timely manner, so you won’t have to worry about trying to find someone to haul away your construction debris. However, that’s not always the case. Make sure you discuss with your remodeler who is responsible for disposing of all the demolished materials, packaging, boxes, pallets, etc that are left after your remodel. There can be substantial cost associated with disposal, so don’t assume your contractor will do it for you.
  • And we’re out! – During the final clean up, our team wipes down surfaces, vacuums inside cabinets, and make sure each and every area we’ve been in looks as good or better than we found it (utility room, garage, driveway). We still recommend doing your own personal “deep clean” but we’re confident you’ll be very pleased with how things look when we leave.
End of day clean up.

Enjoying a newly remodeled space is rewarding and relaxing and you can be sure that we work hard to keep the rest of your home as clean as possible. When you’re ready to give your home some TLC, let the experts at Red House Remodeling show you the possibilities.

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