Sure, we all want the “public” areas of our homes to look fabulous. Kitchens and family rooms, even basements, are where we spend time with guests. But don’t underestimate the joy – yes joy! – that a beautiful bathroom can bring. The bathroom is where we begin and end our days. Given the choice would you rather begin and end your day in a cold, grungy, broken down bathroom, or a peaceful oasis? The owners of this bathroom were craving a zen-spired oasis.

BEFORE: The bathroom’s arrangement worked well for the family, but the aethstetics didn’t. This bath is a perfect example of how even neutrals go out of style. Additionally, bulkheads above the shower and vanity made the space look and feel much smaller than necessary. A remodel is the perfect time to re-route whatever is in the bulkheads.

Zen-spiration Bathroom Remodel

NO MORE FLOWER SHOWER: The homeowners are very environmentally conscious so chose to keep and refinish the cast-iron tub. The shower surround, while still neutral, is definitely more current and the tile covers the entire wall so there is no exposed drywall. They also had some wet room shower trays installed by Wetrooms Design, which adds to the modern look of the bathroom. What’s not visible – the hidden luxuries – is a heated toilet seat and heated flooring.

BLENDING OLD & NEW: The homeowners also chose to refinish and re-use the vanity, topping it with Zodiaq Crema Marfil countertop, DemiLav wading pool lavatories and Purist single control lavatory faucets in brushed bronze. Ordinary plate glass mirrors were custom trimmed as were existing built in shelves to give the space a slight Asian feel.

A neutral palette can look dull, but not when it’s planned with plenty of texture. The ceiling to counter backsplash is installed vertically and provides interesting texture, both visual and physical, to the vanity area. Texture is also present in pebble accents along the tub and vanity. We’re guessing those warm pebbles feel wonderful on bare feet!

HOMEOWNER FEEDBACK: “Love the bathroom. We’re just getting used to it. Our son says, Mom, I love the new bathroom. It’s awesome, just as cool as the one at Cheesecake Factory! So there you have it, an unabashed testimonial.”

If you’d like your bathroom to be as cool as the one at your favorite place, let us know. We’ll help you through every step of the process from initial design through completion. Click here to schedule a free consulation or call us at 515-222-2273.

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